Doppstadt AK560 SOLD to Canada

Doppstadt AK560 Shredder from 2017 sold to Canada

We had a request from an enduser in Canada who was looking for a good Shredder for his Canadian business. We found an Doppstadt AK560 from 2017 in germany. We inspected the machine onsite by ourselves, tested it and started the negotiatons with the seller. We managed to get a deal done between Findeq and the seller. During the whole proces we kept the our buyer in the loop of the status made the deal with him sold the machine and asked him if we could do the transportation to help him out. With our help he found a good transport and shipping possibillity and wanted to do the rest by his own. Another happy customer. We wish our customer lots of working hours with the machine and hope he will buy his next machine from us again.

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