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Start buying equipment with Findeq

With over 25 years of experience in trading equipment worldwide you can say we are true equipment finders. Why work with Findeq? Because sourcing, evaluating, buying and selling of used equipment is our daily business.

✅ How do we work?

You tell us the brand, model, year, hours of the equipment you need and we start searching for you. It is as simple as that. We will contact you once we find a suitable machine for you and tohether we can discuss any further steps to take.

Your advantage when working with us!

You can continue with your work and do not have to spend time and money yourself traveling around and/or asking offers from dealers, traders. No need for you going to several webportals to compare, evaluate and find the machine(s) you need. We will do this all for you!

Premium services for our customers!

We can offer a wide range of “additional” premium services. We can help you arrange inspections, repairs, overhaul, paint jobs, stick & boom extensions/conversions, and many more.

✅ Here is how you can buy from FINDEQ!

Option 1: You find a machine on our website, tell us which machine this is and we will contact the owner of the machine(s) for more information, pictures and price. We will send you an offer and together we decide on any further steps to take.  

Option 2: We do the searching for you. You tell us the brand, model, year, max hours of the machine you need & we start working for you. We will send you an offer and together we decide on any further steps to take.  

    Please use this form to send us information or link to the machine that you want to buy or sell.


    Secure Your Deal in 4 Easy Steps with Findeq


    1. Search

    Search for your desired equipment in our listings or tell us the brand, model, year, max hours of the machine you need.

    Select product

    2. Select product

    On our website, you can browse through a wide range of various equipment and choose an item that meets your requirements.


    3. Contact us

    Contact us to request more information or a quote for the machine you need. We can assist you with our premium services.

    Seal the deal

    4. Secure a Deal

    When all steps have been taken and you accept our price, our team will help you finalize the deal and/or delivery.


    How to buy from findeq - find equipment. Findeq can help you source & find your used crusher, screener, shredder, chipper, material handling excavator, waste- sorting or scrap handler and any kind of construction and earthmoving equipment.


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