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Premium services from Findeq:

We are here to assist you and offer a wide range of “additional” premium services. We can help you arrange inspections, repairs, overhaul, paint jobs, stick & boom extensions/conversions, build up airconditioning, auto greasing and many more. For the Duth customers we even over leasing posibillities through LFH Leasing. Need inland freight in Europe, washing in a port or shipping to almost any port worldwide. Our selected partners can help and assist you.

✅ Leasing for Dutch Customers by LFH:

Wil jij jouw grondverzet, recycling of overslag materieel leasen? Lease dan met gemak gebruikt of nieuw materieel bij onze partner LFH. Zij hebben voor elke machine een passende financieringsoplossing.

Bij een nieuw project moet je soms investeren in nieuw of tweedehands materieel. Heb je materieel nodig, maar wil je dit liever niet op jouw balans hebben, dan ben je bij LFH aan het juiste adres. Onze specialisten kennen het materieel waar jij mee werkt en stellen jouw belang voorop bij een passende financieringsoplossing.

Natuurlijk is het logisch als je vragen hebt over leasing. Waarschijnlijk wil je graag weten welke opties je hebt op het vlak van het financieren van grondverzetmachines. LFH bieden 2 varianten, Operational of Financial lease. Findeq adviseert u graag over de uitgebreide mogelijkheden van LFH – Lease & Finance Huis. (*Please note* only for Dutch Customers based in the Netherlands).

Premium services from findeq: leasing for dutch customers by lfh

Premium services from findeq: mevas independent equipment inspectors

✅ Independent Inspections by MEVAS:

To ensure an accurate understanding of the equipment’s condition when purchasing used machinery, we advise you to arrange an independent inspection of the machine. Our partner Mevas offer independent inspections for almost any machine and will provide you with an objective and reliable evaluation of the machine’s condition.

Mevas inspects used machinery since 2006. Amongst their customers are some larger players in the construction and mining industry like: MIBRAG, some major Komatsu dealers, Arcelor Mining, Caterpillar Financial, Zeppelin Baumaschinen, EquippoMantrac, Finanzauto or Bavaria-Swiss AG.

Mevas covers more than 22 countries with local inspectors. They inspect machines throughout Europe, the United Kingdom and some African and Arab countries. They can even help you out in Chile and Colombia.

Repairs, Rebuilt and Repaint:

Our partner Brand Equipment can handle any kind of repair for you. Need to have something done to a machine you just bought? We are based in the middle of 6 large seaports, Hamburg & Bremerhaven, Zeebrugge & Antwerp, Rotterdam & Vlissingen, making it easy for you to transport the machine to our yard and a port of your choice.

We can assist you with:
* Equipment repairs & rebuild
* Equipment repaint
* Equipment build- ups like airconditioning, generators etc.
* Stick conversions material handling excavators, from scrap to sorting v.v.
* Attachment repairs
* Engine and Transmission overhaul and replacement
* Hydraulic pumps overhaul and replacement
* Cleaning before shipping
Premium services from findeq: repairs for findeq by brand equipment

Premium services from findeq: transport, inland freight by trusted partners

✅ In- land freight within Western Europe:

On your request we can deliver the machine you just bought to a seaport of your choice or just deliver it to your yard. We work together with reliable and professional partners wich have many years of experience like: van Wieren transport, Bierings transport, 4Trex Logistics, Westdijk transport and Van Der Vlist transport. Besides these partners we have good contacts in many countries throughout Europe ensuring there is always a truck somewhere close to you or the machine you bought. Let us know any questions you might have. Do you have a transport company and want to partner with us? Talk to us, we like to know.

Working together with professionals like ourselves means we can offer you great deals on transport solutions. Our reliable partners are very professional companies, each with their own expertise, and guarantee, fast handling and secure delivery to your destination in Western Europe.

Shipping from/to any port Worldwide:

We have excellent contacts for shipping ro-ro and containers worldwide. This means we can offer you great deals on shipping solutions. Our reliable and experienced partners guarantee a fast and secure handling of your equipment and will take care of the shipments delivery to your destination. Some of our partners are: NMT Shipping, BEVO Spedition, Hansen Shipping, Maro Shipping, SH Global Shipping, Bald Shipping and Freightplus.

Working with these companies ensures that your equipment will arrive safely and on- time at the port of destination from where you can arrange pick-up of the machine by your own transportation company.

Need Aqis cleaning for Australia? SH Global Shipping, Maro Shipping and Freightplus can help you with any cleaning issues or questions you might have. Both Companies have a long time history and helped us out many times in the past.

Premium services by trusted shipping partners from findeq:

Premium services from findeq: export documents (ex-a)

Export Documents (EX-A):

You need help with the paperwork needed for your export declaration?

We can only apply for an EX-A, if the machine is still in our yard.

If you export equipment outside of the EU, you or your transporter are responsible for obtaining an EX-A document. An EX-A document is an export document that is required for a machine that has been produced within the EU (or cleared in the EU) and that leaves the EU. There are many custom service agencies, that can assist you with this service. 

Incoterms 2000: Risk transfer: The seller’s obligations end when the goods are made available to the buyer for pick up at an agreed delivery spot. This is often either the seller’s factory or warehouse. Costs: The buyer is responsible for all the costs. Responsibility: The buyer is responsible for everything.


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