About Findeq

In the rapidly evolving world of equipment trade, Findeq has set a new standard as a pioneering platform that connects customers and equipment from various sources. 

The platform was founded by experienced equipment traders, Roy Haverkotte and Jeroen Noordkamp, who bring over 25 years of combined experience to the table. As a trusted and reliable partner, Findeq stands apart as a reliable and trusted partner for businesses in the industry sharing their knowledge and network to help customers find the right solutions for their needs.

Findeq is more than just a marketplace; it offers complete one-stop-shop services that include independent machine inspections, repairs, paint jobs, and worldwide transportation and shipping possibilities. Customers can count on Findeq to deliver their equipment safely and efficiently, regardless of their location.

With machines from over 5000 sellers in just one click, Findeq provides a comprehensive and hassle-free platform for customers to find the best deal for their specific requirements. Findeq’s personal approach means that customers can communicate their needs and receive expert assistance from salesmen who contact the owner to seal the deal.


Founded in 2021, Experience since 1996!

In contrast to the anonymity, impersonality, and insecurity of traditional equipment trading, Findeq provides a secure and reliable platform for customers to buy or sell machines from the comfort of their office. With its extensive database of available machines from across continents, Findeq makes it easy for customers to find their perfect equipment match.

Whether you are in need of shredders, crushers, screeners, material handlers, construction equipment, or any other type of machine, Findeq has got you covered. Choose Findeq as your trusted business partner and receive exceptional service from a team that knows and understands your needs. Contact Findeq today and discover the benefits of working with a reliable and experienced partner.

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