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Roy haverkotte, co- owner and founder of findeq - find equipment
Jeroen noordkamp, co- owner and founder of findeq - find equipment


About us, findeq, jeroen noordkamp and roy haverkotte
About us, findeq, jeroen noordkamp and roy haverkotte


Roy Haverkotte

Roy Haverkotte, co-owner and founder of Findeq. Roy brings over 25 years of experience and a proven track record of success, in trading with used equipment, to the table. His passion and dedication for helping customers finding equipment is unmatched.

As a key player at Findeq, Roy’s positive attitude and well-prepared approach are infectious, creating a trusting and successful atmosphere for his customers. Always willing to share his expertise and knowledge he likes talking to you about the market and used equipment while drinking a cup of coffee.

Need a waste- scrap material handler or earthmoving machine? Roy`s your man. Connect with him on LinkedIn or send him a message.

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Jeroen Noordkamp

Introducing Jeroen, co-owner at Findeq with over 9 years of experience in the recycling equipment business. Jeroen’s dedication and proven track record make him an key player for Findeq’s long-term success.

His willingness to take on new challenges, ensures that he is well-prepared for any situation. Approachable and always ready to share his knowledge, Jeroen is a valuable member of the team.

When you have questions related to recycling equipment, shredders, crushers, screeners or just want to learn more about Jeroen, don’t hesitate to send him a message or connect with him on LinkedIn!

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Find Equipment, Sourcing, evaluating, buying and selling of equipment is our daily business. With over 25 years of experience in trading equipment worldwide you can say we are true equipment finders. You can continue with your work and don’t have to spend time and money yourself for traveling and asking offers from dealers, traders or going to several websites to find the machine(s) you need. We will do this for you.

You tell us which machine you need, any Brand, Model, Year, Hours and we will start working for you! It is as simple as that! Once we find the right equipment we will contact you to discuss the next steps to take.

We offer a premium selection of used equipment available from customers worldwide, some of them are unadvertised from end users and reliable partners throughout Europe. Our worldwide network offers us many machines  which we do not list online. These unadvertised machines are in our systems. It is always good to keep us informed about your machine needs. We will contact you then when we have found a machine according to your specs. offer a wide range of services. These include: inspection on site, repairs, overhaul, paint jobs or worldwide transportation and shipping to your destination. Read more here.

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