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LinkedIn post about working with Findeq

LinkedIn post about how we work.

Searching for, Offers from or more about our website. Read below to see why you should work with us and what we do different than other traders.

1. We are working on request for customers. This means that for every piece of equipment we ask for details there is a customer request behind it.

In this way we can ensure that we do not just ask for pictures and or prices.

2. When you are in need of a machine, then let us know. Tell us your contactdetails, the brand and model, year, hours of the machine you need and we will start working for you. Your advantage. You can continue with your work while we do the searching for you. All this for free.

3. So you just decided that you need a new toy. 😉 That is one thing to start with. Now go to This site shows you several machines listed on offer from customers within our network. Aldough our focus is on searching and finding equipment for customers we get many machines offered to us. These are in our systems, so make sure that you always ask us for the machine you need.

4.Our website has just been updated and soon will be extended with a new chapter which is coming.

Now make us happy and start working with us 😁 🤝 👍

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Wanted equipment by findeq. Ask jeroen or roy for any recycling and material handling excavator you can offer or want to buy. Linkedin post

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