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Sennebogen Material Handlers, made by a renowned German family-owned enterprise established in 1952, leads globally in material handling solutions, serving 80+ countries with pioneering designs and exceptional customer support.

Sennebogen offers a wide range of material handlers for ports, scrap handling, and waste sorting. These versatile solutions cater to industries such as scrap handling, steel mills, demolition, construction, ports, recycling, and timber management. Opting for a hybrid diesel or full electric variant is viable, exemplified by choices like the 835, 855, or 865 models.

Renowned for quality and innovation, Sennebogen consistently pioneers new products and technologies, meticulously crafted from premium materials for durability and longevity.

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Sennebogen material handlers

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Sennebogen presents a diverse range of equipment catering to various industries, featuring conventional diesel engines, hybrid models, and full electric options. Among Sennebogen’s renowned machines, those dedicated models to material and scrap handling include the popular E and G series 830, 821, 825, 835, 840, 850, 860, and 818 models.

Opting for a hybrid diesel or full electric variant is viable, exemplified by choices like the 835, 855, or 865 models.

For tasks related to timber handling, tree care, forest management, and felling operations, Sennebogen recommends the versatile 718 and 728 machines, or even a customized version of the 830 model. Harbor terminals extensively utilize port handlers, primarily the 880-balanced material handler, along with the reliable 860 and 885 models. The 830R and 870R excavators on tracks stand out as some of the top-selling models in this segment.

Sennebogen operates within a competitive landscape comprising esteemed industry players renowned for their strong market presence. Among Sennebogen’s counterparts in the business sector are reputable brands like Terex Fuchs, Caterpillar, Liebherr, Atlas, and Mantsinen.

Sennebogen Material Handlers are a product of Sennebogen, Germany. Findeq is not affiliated with Sennebogen and not an official dealership. We buy and sell used Sennebogen Equipment worldwide.

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