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Finding the perfect machine can be a daunting task, you have to talk to several people, browse multiple websites, arrange inspection and transportation to your yard. But hey, after spending several hours on the internet you found a machine that suits your needs but you do not know the company who is offering the equipment? Can you really trust the guy offering that machine? 

Use this page to send us a link to the machine you found and we will contact the seller. We can research the seller, arrange an independent inspection, providing you with an objective and reliable evaluation of the machine’s condition, and negotiate and seal the deal for you. And if we find similar machines that may better suit your requirements, we’ll let you know!

    Step 1

    Send us a link

    Send us the link to a machine you are interested in.

    Step 2

    Get the information you need

    With the information provided, we’ll research the Machine and Company for You!

    Step 3

    Our advice and findings

    After our research, we’ll advise you on next steps and any similar machines available.

    We can do the searching for you! Reach out to us today.

    Let us know your equipment requirements and we will start searching. Meanwhile you can continue with your work while we do the magic. Findeq is more than just a marketplace; our worldwide network offers many machines which are not listed online.

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    Jeroen Noordkamp

    Specialized in shredders, crushers, screeners and recycling equipment.

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