Wear parts for recycling equipment

Wear and spare parts

Keep your processing equipment running smoothly with Findeq’s selection of wear and spare parts for mobile and stationary crushers, screeners, shredders, grinders and chippers. Whether you’re in the mining, construction, demolition, recycling, or waste management industry, we understand the importance of keeping your equipment operational and maximizing productivity. That’s why we offer a wide range of high-quality original and non-original parts for a variety of leading brands at competitive prices.

Jaw crusher parts: Jaw plates, toggle plates, liners, wedges, and more.
Cone crusher parts: Conecaves, mantles, bushings, and more components.
Impact crusher parts: Blowbars, impactplates, aprons and wear plates.
Screener parts: Screen decks, wear strips, tensioning systems and more.
Shredder parts: Shafts, hammers, knives, grates, wear liners and more.
Grinder parts: Grates, hammers, screens, and wear plates and more.
Chipper parts: Knives, Counterknife, Spiral shaft and more.

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✅ Original and Non-Original Parts

Every customer has different budget considerations. That’s why we offer both original and non-original parts. Original parts are manufactured to meet the exact specifications of your equipment, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Non-original parts provide a cost-effective alternative while maintaining high quality and functionality.

✅ Benefits of Choosing Findeq

Competitive prices, get the best value for your money. High-quality parts, ensure optimal performance and longevity of your equipment. Find parts for all your crushing, screening, shredding, grinding and wood chipper equipment. Get expert help finding the right parts for your machine.

✅ How to order your parts

To request or order your parts; in the top menu select your brand, then select the type of machine from which you need the parts.
You will see a selection of parts which we can offer you. Please fill in the form to send us your parts request.

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Crushers break rocks into usable chunks! Used in mining & construction, impact (impact), jaw (squeezing jaws), and cone (rotating cone).

Impact Crushers used to impact rather than use pressure to crush materials. The materials are caged, with openings on the bottom, end, or side of the desired size so pulverized material can escape.

Jaw Crushers have a fixed jaw and a moving jaw pivoted at the top. The rocks are fed into the space between the jaws. As the jaws move, they crush the larger rocks into smaller pieces.

Cone Crushers have a tapered crushing chamber between a fixed cone and a rotating cone. The rock is crushed as it moves between the cones

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Screening efficiently sorts recyclable materials by size using vibrations, creating high-quality materials and recovering valuables from waste.

Trommel or Drum Screeners consist of a rotating drum with holes from perforated metal/ wire mesh, and are used for separating soil, compost, waste and wood chips. The rotating drum tumbles materials, separating them by size.

Star screens use rows of spinning discs to sift materials. The staggered design and variable speeds allow for precise separation. This makes them ideal for waste and recycling, sorting items like compost, soil, and wood chips from unwanted materials.


Scalper screeners excel in tough applications like recycling, aggregates, & construction. Their large screening area handles high volumes efficiently. Versatile & user-friendly, they offer various screen options.

Inclined Screeners are used for processing aggregates & sand, thanks to their angle that promotes material movement & efficient screening. They boast high capacity & handle various materials and particle sizes.

Horizontal Screeners separate materials horizontally, making them ideal for sticky materials & precise sizing needs. They’re perfect for natural & crushed aggregates, coal, recycled materials, & asphalt.

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Shredders for sale at findeq


Shredders are valuable for companies improving the efficiency & productivity of their waste materials, therefor reduce environmental impact.

Slow Speed (primary shredders), operate at slow rotational speed. They are used for processing wood, biomass, composting, tire shredding & waste management.

Medium Speed Used to reduce bulky materials into smaller pieces. Their ability to produce controlled product sizes in a single pass is saving time and fuel for owners.

High Speed Efficiently shred materials into smaller pieces. They are used in industrial, commercial, & recycling applications requiring high throughput & rapid size reduction.


Each grinder below has unique advantages for different uses. The best choice depends on factors like feedstock and end product needs.

Horizontal Grinders are a type of heavy-duty grinding machines, being used primarily in wood processing & recycling applications. They are designed to grind large volumes of wood waste, such as logs, branches, stumps, whole trees into smaller pieces or wood chips.

Tub grinders and horizontal grinders both work well for processing loose green waste, but tub grinders might be more efficient for this task. In horizontal grinders, the material is pushed into the drum, whereas tub grinders rely on gravity, resulting in fewer moving parts during operation.

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Eschlboeck chippers at findeq


Chippers also known as wood chippers, wood shredders or tree chippers are machines designed to process wood waste into smaller pieces known as wood chips. This can be branches, logs, stumps or whole trees.

Chippers come in various sizes & configurations, ranging from small, portable units for home use to large, industrial machines for commercial applications. Suitable for towing behind a truck or tractor they are either portable or mounted on a frame, powered by its own engine or a PTO (Power take-off).

Chippers help to minimize waste, reduce environmental impact, and maximize the utilization of wood resources. They are used for tasks like clearing brush, branches, processing wood waste for recycling or mulching, & preparing feedstock for biomass energy production.

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