“Finding Equipment is in our DNA”

Why choose Findeq?

We often get this question from Customers.

So, here are the benefits and why you should start using the global network and services of Findeq.

This page is all about how we can help you find, evaluate, inspec, purchase and sell your used equipment with Findeq.
With our focus on recycling and industry waste- scrap handlers, we’re committed to making the world a greener place.

Did you know that 72% of buyers struggle with finding used equipment?Sourcing, evaluating, buying and selling of equipment is our daily business. With over 25 years of experience in trading equipment worldwide you can say we are true equipment finders. Want to use our network to work for you? Then step into the world of Findeq and find the equipment you need today.

Advantages for you:  

You can continue with your work and don’t have to spend time and money yourself for traveling and asking offers from dealers, traders or going to several websites to find the machine(s) you need.

Findeq_we find equipment for you
Findeq_we find equipment for you

✅How do we work?

You tell us which machine you need, any Brand, Model, Year, Hours and we will start working for you! It is as simple as that! Once we find the right equipment we will contact you to discuss the next steps to take.

✅Website Listings:

We offer a premium selection of used equipment available from customers worldwide, some unadvertised elsewhere, some from end users and reliable partners throughout Europe. 

✅Un-advertised machines:

Our worldwide network offers us many machines  which we do not list online. These unadvertised machines are in our systems. It is always good to keep us informed about your machine needs.

✅Purchase & Sell:

Option 1: You find the machine on our website, tell us which machine is of your interest, and we will contact the owner of the machine(s) for information and pricing. After that we will revert to you, send you an offer and will discuss further steps to take.  

Option 2: You tell us what machine specifications you need and we find it for you. If you like the machine and you agree to proceed, we contact the owner again and try to close the deal for you.

✅Additional services:

We offer a wide range of services. These include: inspection on site, repairs, overhaul, paint jobs or worldwide transportation and shipping to your destination.


To ensure an accurate understanding of the equipment’s condition when purchasing used machinery, we advise you to arrange an independent inspection of the machine. We can do this for you or arrange this on your behalf through our reliable partner, Mevas. They offer independent inspections for almost any machine and will provide you with an objective and reliable evaluation of the machine’s condition.

Findeq_we find equipment for you
Findeq_we find equipment for you

✅Repairs, Overhaul and New Paint:

We can handle almost any kind of machine/attachment repairs. Whether you need a stick conversion, an air conditioning installed, a new paint job or an engine/transmission overhaul, we can do it for you. Just let us know what you need and we will discuss the options with you. All the above is done in our yard by one of our trusted partners.

✅Transport, Shipping, Export documents:

If you want the machine delivered to your door, we will take care of all the paperwork for you. We will arrange the documents needed to avoid any issues with customs. We have excellent contacts in our network for shipping and transportation worldwide. This means we can offer you great deals on transport solutions. Our reliable partners guarantee professional handling and fast and secure delivery to your destination.