Arjes Impaktor 250 EVO II

Sold to the UK, Arjes Impaktor 250 EVO II from 2023.

We had a request from an enduser in the UK if we could find an Arjes Impaktor 250 between 1-4 years old. After asking a few colleagues we sourced a machine in Germany and sold it to that customer. We inspected the machine onsite by ourselves, tested it and started the negotiatons with the seller. After a few days we managed to get a deal done between Findeq and the seller. Also the we kept the customer our buyer in the loop of the status so when all lights were on green transportation could start in a few days. All by all a good example from how a deal can be done between 3 companies. We wish our customer lots of woring hours with the machine and hope he will buy his next machine with us again.

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