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Doppstadt excels in developing, designing, and producing innovative systems and shredding equipment. Their products are versatile, suitable for both mobile and stationary use, and capable of handling a wide range of materials, including waste wood, household, commercial and industrial waste, bio-waste, excavated earth, and green waste.

Serving customers in over 40 countries, Doppstadt is committed to making a significant contribution to environmental protection and resource conservation.

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Ensure seamless operations with Findeq, your supplier for Doppstadt wear and spare parts. We offer an extensive range of high-quality original and non-original parts. Whether you need replacement components for routine maintenance or emergency repairs, Findeq has you covered. Rely on us for all your Doppstadt wear and spare parts needs to keep your equipment performing at its best and minimize downtime.

Doppstadt wear and spare parts

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Slow Speed Shredders:Inventhor seriesInventhor 6, Inventhor 6.2, Inventhor 9
Slow Speed Shredders:Büffel seriesDW2560, DW3060, DW3060K
Slow Speed Shredders:Biopower seriesDW3060, DW3060K
Slow Speed Shredders:Mammut seriesDW3080, DW3080K
Grinders:AK seriesAK230, AK235, AK250, AK310, AK315, AK330, AK420, AK430, AK435, AK510, AK510K, AK530, AK535, AK560, AK565, AK565K, AK565 Plus, AK600, AK635, AK635K, AK635SA, AK640K, AK640SA
Trommel screeners:SM seriesSM414, SM518, SM518.2, SM618, SM620, SM620 Plus, SM620K, SM620.2K, SM620.2SA, SM620.2, SM620.3, SM720, SM720.2SA
Flatflex screeners:Selector series400, 800.2
Smart TurningSide Turner LineDU265, DU320, DU350
Above models are subject changes Manufacturer line-up. Let us know if you do not see your machine.
Screener parts:Screen decks, wear strips, tensioning systems and more.
Shredder parts:Shafts, hammers, knives, grates, wear liners and more.
Grinder parts:Shafts, hammers, knives, grates, wear liners and more.

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Findeq provides an extensive range of used Doppstadt products, available as mobile and stationary components for plant construction. In the environmental and recycling technology sectors, as well as the separation segment, Doppstadt manufactures high-quality shredders, trommel / drum screening machines and stationary sorting systems. For professional shredding operations, they provide both pre-shredders and fine shredders. Their most famous equipment models are the DW3060 Büffel, AK430 and SM620 which have a fast customer usage worldwide.

Findeq can supply you with a full line of original and non- orginal Doppstadt wear and spare parts.

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