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See below a selection of equipment wanted and available. Can`t find what you were looking for? Just let us know what you need. We have several machines on offer which are not listed on the internet.

We are Equipment Finders, Let us help you source the right machine for you!
We can not only arrange an independent inspection for you, we also can help you with the transportation and the shipping to any major port worldwide. 

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Equipment Listings:

Volvo A30G, 2015, 9200h
Komatsu WA600, 1995, 6000h
Liebherr L566, 2012, 15000h
Liebherr R946NLC, 2018, 5700h
Volvo L260H, 2021, 6995h
Caterpillar 365BL ME, 2004, 21400h
Caterpillar 966-04A, 2023, 0h
Caterpillar D6N LGP PAT, 2014, 13000h
Caterpillar M325D MH, 2009, 22700h
Caterpillar 950M, 2019, 9800h
Caterpillar 966XE, 2022, 37h
Caterpillar D6T LGP, 2016, 6700h
Doosan DA30, 2021, 5600h, 2 units
Doosan DL580-5, 2018, 9750h

Gipo R130C GIGA, 2017, 9103h
Keestrack Destroyer 1312, 2011, 15000h
Keestrack Destroyer 1313, 2014, 4556h
Keestrack R3e, 2022, 782h
Keestrack R3e, 2020, 780h
Keestrack R6, 2017, 9376h
Kleemann MC110Z, 2018, 2500h
Kleemann MC120 Zi Pro, 2020, 4928h
McCloskey J40V2, 2021, 2095h
McCloskey J40V2, 2019, 1984h
Metso LT1213S, 2021, 1269h
Powerscreen 1000 Maxtrak, 2022, 1100h
Powerscreen Trakpactor 320SR, 2017, 8500h
REV GCV100, 2008, 5157h
REV GCV100, 2005, 3032h
Rubble Master RM60, 1997, 1258h
Rubble Master RM60, 2005, 3465h
SBM Remax 400, 2020, 3229h
SBM Remax 200, 2019, 1988h
SBM Remax 300, 2020, 2204h
Terex Evoquip Cobra 230R, 2019, 3470h
Terex Finlay J1170, 2017, 4684h

Anaconda DF410, 2016, 1875h
Anaconda DF514, 2022, 19h
Anaconda SR514, 2013, 1793h
Anaconda SR514, 2021, 449h
Keestrack D6, 2016, 2434h
Keestrack K4, 2023, 640h
Kleemann MSS802I EVO, 2022, 170h
Portafill 2000CT, 2019, 730h
Powerscreen Powertrack 800, 2005, 2744h
Powerscreen Warrior 1800, 2019, 2276h
Terex Ecotec TRS550, 2019, 574h
Terex Evoquip Colt 1000, 2019, 3600h

Washing Systems:
Wash-bear Basic 100, 2021, 15h

Arjes Impaktor 250 EVO, 2021, 1831h
Arjes Impaktor 250 EVO II, 2024, 1h
Lindner Urraco 95DK, 2018, 3600h
Doppstadt AK510 Bio-Power, 2015, 7641h
Doppstadt AK510 Bio-Power, 2015, 8444h
Doppstadt DW3060 B├╝ffel, 2003, 7536h
Doppstadt DW3060 Typ F Biopower, 2019, 7034h
Doppstadt DW3060K BioPower, 2017, 6300h
Doppstadt AK250, 1993, 2454h
Doppstadt DW3060SA, 2014, 904h
Eggersmann Teuton Z60, 2023, 610h
Terex Ecotec TSS 390, 2021, 880h
Terex Ecotec TBG630, 2022, 450h
Terex Ecotec TDS820, 2019, 4200h

Doppstadt DH812 Q, 2014, 2086

We work together with several partners and can arrange an independent inspection onsite, transport and shipping to any port worldwide for you.

Material Handling excavators:
Sany SMHW48G5, 2023 0h
Atlas 250MH, 2022,  2500h
Caterpillar MH3022, 2017, 11086h
Caterpillar MH3024, 2018, 7060 Hrs.
Caterpillar MH3026, 2019, 8242 Hrs.
Sennebogen 818M E, 2019, 1700h
Sennebogen 818M E, 2015, 11900h
Sennebogen 821M E, 2019, 7500h
Sennebogen 817E, 2018, 5500h
Sennebogen 830M, 2014, 12500h
Sennebogen 835M, 2010, 22000h
Liebherr LH22M, 2018, 9200h
Liebherr LH22M, 2022, 600h
Liebherr LH24M, 2018, 2587h
Liebherr LH26M, 2016, 10537h
Liebherr LH30M, 2016, 9735h
Fuchs MHL310, 2019, 2700h
Fuchs MHL320D, 2012, 13000h
Fuchs MHL320D, 2013, 14500h
Fuchs MHL320F, 2018, 10000h
Fuchs MHL320F, 2018, 5600h
Fuchs MHL331D, 2015, 7000h
Fuchs MHL350F, 2016, 10300h
Fuchs MHL360E, 2013, 15114h

Caterpillar MH3024, < 4 years, < 3500h
Sennebogen 830, < 3 years, < 5000h
Sennebogen 835, < 3 years, < 5000h
Sennebogen 840, < 10 years, < 20000h
Sennebogen 818, < 5 years, < 10000h
Sennebogen 818, < 4 years, < 2500h
Liebherr LH22/24M, < 10 years, < 10000h
Fuchs MHL375/380, # 6 years, < 8000h
Fuchs MHL360, # 12 years, < 18000h
Fuchs MHL350 FQC, # 15 years, < 25000h
Caterpillar 988K XE, < 4 years, < 5000h
Caterpillar 966, < 3 years, < 3000h
Caterpillar D6T Std, < 4 years, < 5000h
Volvo L60H, < 10 years, < 10000h
Hartl Crushers, any model, year and hours
Terex Finlay 883+ Spaleck, < 2 years
Arjes Impaktor 250 + 250 EVO, 2017-2022
Doppstadt DW3060, < 3000h
Doppstadt DW3060, # 17 years old
Doppstadt AK560 + AK510, any
McCloskey J35, any
Portafill MR-6, < 4 year
Zemmler MS5200, any
CBI 5400BT, any
Vermeer HG4000 + HG6000, any
Doosan DX180LC-5, < 4 years, < 3000h

Tell us the Brand, Model, Year and max hours of the machine you need!

Who is Findeq


In contrast to the anonymity, impersonality, and insecurity of traditional equipment trading, Findeq provides a secure and reliable way for customers to buy or sell machines from the comfort of their office. With its extensive network of available machines, Findeq makes it easy for customers to find their equipment match.

Whether you are in need of shredders, crushers, screeners, material handlers, construction equipment, or any other type of machine, Findeq has got you covered. Choose Findeq as your trusted business partner and receive exceptional service from a team that knows and understands your needs.

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