Shipping Worldwide with Findeq

Findeq can help you with reliable and efficient global shipping solutions for businesses of all sizes through their selected partners.

Shipping Worldwide: Our extensive network of trusted partners ensures that your shipment reaches its destination safely and on time. We work together with selected Shipping and transport companies to avoid things like you see on the picture. This was a Off-Highwaytruck, shipped from Zeebrugge, Belgium to Australia. Once arrived it got picked out due to not being clean enough and so falling through Aqis Rules. The machine got shipped to Singapore for cleaning and afterwarts went back to the customer in Australia. A lot of stress which had easely be avoided did they clean the machine well enough in Belgium port.

If you have any machines that you are looking for at the moment then just tell us the Brand, Model, max Year and max Hours and we will start searching for you.

We can help you with any earthmoving equipment related machines needed. Our Website listenings:

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