Komptech Terminator shredders

We are currently looking for Komptech Terminator electric stationary shredders.

We are currently looking for the following Komptech Terminator stationary shredder:

  • 2200 series electric stationary shredder.
  • 3400 series electric stationary shredders.
  • 5000 and 5200 series electric stationary shredders.
  • 6000 series electric stationary shredders.
  • Wanted: Low speed Stationary electric shredder for all types of all types off waste.
  • U, F, XF, XXF configuration

If you have or know any used Komptech shredders available, then please offer them to us.

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Komptech Shredders are a product of Komptech, specs can be found on komptech.com.

You can offer it to us through WhatsApp or fill in the contact form below.