Wash-bear Basic 100 separator

Wash-bear Basic 100 Hook-mobile: The Mobile Lightweight Separator for Eco-conscious Recycling.

Boost your construction and demolition waste processing with the Wash-bear Basic 100 Hook-mobile, a mobile lightweight separator renowned for its efficiency and sustainability.

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Here’s why the Wash-bear Basic 100 Hook stands out:

  • Handles diverse materials: Effectively processes construction and demolition waste, as well as recycled gravel, with feed size ranging from 10 to 120 mm.
  • Water-efficient: Uses minimal water (approx. 3-16 m³ per 8-hour shift) while delivering exceptional results, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Highly mobile: Compact design and convenient container lift system enable easy transport and relocation between job sites.
  • Powerful performance: 15 kW screw conveyor and 1.5 kW brush ensure efficient operation and optimal separation.
  • Durable construction: Patented screw design made of wear-resistant alloy, reinforced bearings, and robust steel chutes guarantee longevity.
  • Easy maintenance: Self-cleaning brush belt and extended cleaning lid simplify maintenance, reducing downtime.
  • Precise control: Inverter allows for adjustable transport speed, optimizing performance for different materials.
  • Almost new condition: Get the benefits of a practically new machine at a potentially lower cost.

For sale at findeq.com, Wash-bear Basic 100 Hook-mobile from 2021 with only 15 Hours, click here!

Invest in the Wash-bear Basic 100 Hook-mobile and experience:

  • Reduced waste disposal costs: Efficient separation of recyclable materials diverts waste from landfills.
  • Increased productivity: Mobile design and fast processing times maximize your operational efficiency.
  • Sustainable operations: Minimal water consumption and low emissions contribute to a greener future.

Contact us today to learn more about the Wash-bear Basic 100 Hook-mobile and how it can transform your construction and demolition waste recycling! More information and official site here.

    Technical specs Wash-bear Basic 100 Hook-mobile

    TASK SIZE10-120 mm
    DEFAULT OPTIONSScrew conveyor Ø 1000 mm, double-threaded Patented screw design made from a highly wear-resistant special alloy Trough and inlet funnel, made of 12 mm sheet steel reinforced radial-axial drive bearing and housing Labyrinth seal package in the template enlarged cleaning flap in the rear (Ø 200 mm) Brush belt, self-cleaning (removable for transport) electrical control cabinet frequency converter Container system with rollers (alternatively also available as a skid variant) Surface primed and painted.
    TRANSPORT DIMENSIONS (LXWXH)7.469 mm x 2.372 mm x 2.484 mm 
    WEIGHT8.5 t
    Brush conveyor beltAdjustable belt speed, Low maintenance, Self-cleaning, the brush conveyor belt is used for discharging lightweight substances and as a flow regulator.
    Wind shifterOptional and retrofittable at any time, even for existing plant. Consisting of a blower and inlet chute. Additional cleaning effect for recycled materials, as contaminants such as paper, films, grass tufts, or cable residues are also screened.
    Conveyor screwDouble-helix screw conveyor made from special alloy to ensure long service life
    Conveys and dewaters the screened material in a single operation.
    Hook attachmentHook-mobile and thus easy and cost-effective to transport.
    Control panelThe electrical components are located on the outside of the plant, well protected against splashing water, dust, and other external factors. Operation is extremely simple due to the clear layout of the control units.
    Float systemThe lightweight separator comes standard with an automatic fill level control. This functions similarly to a toilet tank – a float regulates the inflow and thus the water level in the separation area. This ensures that the water level is optimally adjusted for processing your recycled materials.
    General information about the Wash-bear Basic 100 Hook-mobileThe number represents the throughput capacity in tons per hour. The foundation of the simple and robust technology for the mechanical separation of lightweight substances such as aerated concrete, plastic, or organic material is based on the patented conveyor screw. It ensures nearly 100% efficiency. Through intelligent control, the rotational speed and pitch of the screw can be continuously adjusted, allowing for material dewatering. The discharge of the floating lightweight substances is continuous and automatic, facilitated by a specially designed brush conveyor belt for the wash-bear®. Additional separation options are provided, including an optional wind sifter.