MEVAS – Independent Inspectors.

Empower Your Purchase with Mevas: Independent Heavy Equipment Inspections

Many Years of Unwavering Expertise

Since 2006, Mevas (Machinery Evaluation Services) has been the trusted name for independent heavy equipment inspections in Europe. With a network of experienced inspectors spanning Europe, the Middle East, parts of Africa, Shanghai/China, and Australia, Mevas ensures global reach and flexibility.

Unwavering Independence for Unbiased Assessments

Mevas commitment to independence distinguishes it from others. Their inspectors are not affiliated with sellers, providers, or dealers, ensuring unbiased evaluations free from external influence. This unwavering independence is the cornerstone of Mevas reputation for providing accurate and reliable appraisals.

Client-Centric Confidentiality

Mevas prioritizes client confidentiality. Inspection reports are exclusively for the customer’s use, ensuring privacy and protecting sensitive information. This commitment to confidentiality underscores Mevas dedication to customer trust.

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A Global Clientele that Trusts Mevas

Mevas’ expertise extends to a wide range of equipment, from compact machines like mini excavators to large mining machinery. With an average of 800 inspections annually, Mevas is the goto choice for discerning buyers worldwide.

Findeq’s Recommendation: Mevas for Seamless Inspections

Findeq, a leading equipment marketplace, strongly recommends Mevas inspection services. We believe that Mevas comprehensive evaluations are crucial for making informed purchasing decisions.

Contact Mevas for Your Equipment Inspection Needs

Empower your decision-making with Mevas independent inspections. Contact Mevas directly to schedule an inspection or inquire about their services.

Partner with Mevas, the independent inspection expert you can trust.

Findeq and Mevas

We know Mevas long time know and are not affiliated nor involved in their business. Findeq uses the service of Mevas for inspecting equipment and we strongly advise all our customer to do so before buying a used machine anywhere. From our experience they are the go-to company when talking about inspections, their knowledge of the machines is superb and there is no other independent company with such wide network of inspectors. If you have any questions or need information, advise on machine inspections feel free to ask the Mevas team or if you want to hear from us, contact us by filling in the form below.