Season’s Greetings

The year 2023 is almost at its end and we welcome the year 2024 in a few weeks. What a year this has been. We have seen very highs and been through very lows. What will the year 2024 bring us, what will the markets do. Wish we had a Cristal ball so we could have a look in the near future. On the other Hand, nah, let`s get it on as it come to us. We will manage the new year as we did this year. Let’s all start being positive about our business and look forward to a bright future.

We ,Findeq, would like to thank you for the pleasant cooperation and wish you and your family’s happy holidays.

We hope to talk to you again in 2024.

Team Findeq – we find equipment for you.

For the ones of you working between holidays, we`re open so go on and offer us your machines. If you need any equipment, just tell us the Brand, model and year and we will start searching for you.